1980s Movies We’ll Never Forget

Never have so many box offices smashes and cult hits come out of one decade as they did in the 1980’s. You should of at least heard of these, if you haven’t been lucky enough to see them.
So many of these great movies haven’t been seen by those who are around the age of 23 or younger. This is a crying shame as these films deserve to be enjoyed by the younger generation too.
Although over 20 years old now, these films still bring as much joy to the audiences today as they did the first time around and are still firm favorites.

Why not try out these 5 which are amongst my personal favorites. You have nothing to lose and a great nights entertainment to gain.
First of all I want to take you to Chicago and introduce you to the cult classic Adventures in Babysitting. Starring a young cast, this was a smash hit in it’s time and is still a great movie.
There have been some great sports comedies made over the years, but Major League is one of the funniest ever in my opinion. It was so successful that 2 sequels were made.
Even if you haven’t seen the Breakfast Club, chances are that you will have heard of it. It is one of the best known movies of the 1980’s and its story is still relevant today. If you only see one of these 5 movies, make it this one.

Although a major star now, in the 1980’s Matthew Broderick was just starting out, and his first major role was in the extremely funny Ferris Bueller’s day off. The tale of a kid, his girlfriend and buddy skipping school for a day in the big city was a huge hit at the time and is still a great laugh.
If action is your thing, I only have two words to say to you, Die Hard. Yes, it’s hard to believe that the original was made so many years ago. It still stands proudly amongst other more recent films and wins hands down for sheer entertainment value. You must have been living on Mars if you haven’t seen this, and if you have just returned from the Red Planet, watch it today!