Do You Know How Google Ranks Web Pages

If your aim is to attract visitors to your website through Google, you need to know how Google rank web pages. Search engines focus on providing the most relevant information to the user based on the search query entered and they are always looking at improving the user experience. The algorithm used by Google is kept secret and they use this algorithm to determine the value and relevance of websites for possible inclusion in their search results. The algorithm used is updated frequently and new factors are included.

The technology used to search for and provide relevant web pages based on the search query is highly developed and a wide-ranging array of search tools are provided which enable the users to easily access a variety of information online. Google users can browse through a wide selection of information from various types of media to find what they are looking for. Relevant information from websites, Blogs, news, video and social media sites are all included in the search results.

The search technology used by Google is currently the technology of choice. Bing and Yahoo have developed their own search technology and they have started to gain some of the market share. The competition between the big search engines is beneficial to users and the user experience is constantly being improved.
The search query process: • The web server sends the submitted query to the index servers. • The Index server consists of an index which displays where the particular page containing the queried term is located in the database. • The doc servers then retrieve the stored documents. • Page descriptions are then generated for each search result. • These results are then returned to the user in a very short period of time.

Google developed Page Rank Technology and make use of hypertext-matching analysis which makes several instantaneous calculations undertaken without any human intervention. Google utilizes the extensive link structure of the Web to allocate relevance and importance to web pages.
Important ranking factors: • The number of links from sites all over the Web to a page is seen as confirmation of the relevance and quality of a web page. • Original and high quality content is ranked higher. • Effective use of relevant keywords on the web page results in a higher ranking. • Links from web pages that are already highly ranked and that contains relevant content adds more value. • Google analyzes all the content on each web page and factors in the proper use of on-page optimization techniques. • The content of the rest of the web pages on the website are also taken into account to determine the relevance of the web page.

The internet and its resources are used to determine the ranking and importance of any page. This policy of not disregarding anything enables Google to return relevant results based on the user query. It is very important to take in to account the ranking factors used by the search engines when you start to optimize your site. By focusing on the relevant factors you will improve the ranking of your keywords on the search engine results pages.