Interesting Odds Available During Difficult Times

As we begin the process of easing through the recession there are even greater signs of hope when it comes to online betting. Certain sporting events over the next few months have perhaps not been studied closely enough by the bookmakers meaning that the punters could have an upper hand over the next quarter.

Events such the Champions League, Englands cricket tour to South Africa and Formula 1 have had certain odds looked at incorrectly, or, more precisely, have been predicted poorly. When it comes to the Champions League, most online bookmakers have made Barcelona the favourites, no one wins the Holy Grail twice in a row, it just doesn’t happen no matter how great the team is. The Champions League remains one of the hardest tournaments to win despite being held every year.

As it goes you can therefore get some decent odds on suggested outsiders such as Chelsea at 5-1, Bayern Munich at 25-1 and Liverpool at 9-1. Wolfsburg, the German Bundesliga Champions are certainly likely to stir up a storm and are brilliantly priced at 66-1 which at each way(to make the final) is fantastic value for a team many will likely underestimate.
With regards to the cricket England have just regained the Ashes against an Australian team that were way out of sorts and while South Africa are not what they were, England will face a stubborn and stern test over there. They are however still reasonably fresh with new faces and talent all over the park. The majority of online bookmakers have England at 7-2 for the test series which is certainly worth a few quid. The price for South Africa being 8/15 is too high and unlikely to test many punters resolve.

Formula 1 on the other hand is probably in its most exciting season since it began, no one is sure who will win, even with Jenson Buttons dramatic start, and lead after 7 races. With Jenson Button odds on it would be up to Rubens Barrichello and Seb Vettel to do the most damage priced at 3/1 and 33/1 respectively.
Something could still go drastically wrong for the leader and if Vettel can push on with a few wins then the biggest Formula 1 upset could be on the cards. If one was to delve into the odds much more closely than usually one will notice how the top 10 online bookmakers have made a few errors where it comes to the pricing and things like this should be taken advantage of.